Sunday, July 31, 2011

Geomancy rocks

Thanks to TheUnlikelyMage, I'm now in hot pursuit in my geomancy studies. :D It rocks, it's simple, you only need to know the 16 figures as an alphabet, the twelve houses in astrology too and other techniques -- translation, mutation, progression, the four cardines, etc. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

I also like the fact that the 16 figures represent 16 elemental spirits, so that means they are much easier to contact. Sublunary spirits. Very neat :)

Er, wait I haven't had decent sleep in awhile. I should go get my ZzzZzz's... Ciao~

Saturday, July 16, 2011


The hardest part with being sick is not being able to do any magic. I'm too weak to even meditate for a good five minutes. I wish I could pore breathe but... Cough, wheeze, cough, wheeze, cough... asthma attacks like it's New Year's Eve.

Still I'm happy to be alive.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A geomancy post

I did a quick geomancy reading for myself and the girl I like. I warned her about mingling with certain people but she just, doesn't, listen to me!!
Here's the basic shield reading:

and here's the square chart version:

Sigh I already gave her some hints that "they" can be potentially harmful for her... she just really... doesn't listen. /facepalm. Now I worry about our friendship, "are we still friends"? I dunno. I'm still very upset that she takes me for granted most of the time. I'm torn between being there for her, for our friendship, or avoiding her so that I can focus on my occult stuff because she takes me for granted and cares about herself more than me. Sigh... I feel horrible.

Monday, July 4, 2011

What I've been up to

Meditation. I meditated for hours, a total of four hours; I didn't go straight four hours though, my back would hurt.  It makes me high, and I'm addicted to it. I'm pretty stressed out daily because of a lot of factors - family being one example. If I can't have a least 30 minutes of meditation I think my day is incomplete and I feel verrry shitty.

On a sidenote: I've tried the universal centering meditation, breathes, and gazes from The Sorcerers' Secrets: Strategies in Practical Magick. I feel a cool humming with my left fist when I'm cupping it against my heart, I'm not sure if I'm doing it right though. Does one apply five pounds of force on the fist or on the chest? If on the chest, it hurts. Otherwise with my fist, I feel centered and relaxed. I also like the gazes in the book, but in my opinion there's too much explanation that it's better to observe one's practice and compare them with the book; one can absolutely expect too much and receive something else. Observe's the word. Gaze and observe. The breathes are great and very freshing!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Results of a Relationship Sigil.

Nothing very interesting has happened lately. But I do think that the sigil I posted weeks ago has yield a result. My intention was to get me in touch with a certain Ms. A. It was a relationship sigil, and if one notices the green I wanted Venus to bless my desire. Maybe I should have added more stuff such as a kamea, seals of the intelligence and spirit and archangel of Venus. Next time.

The sigil didn't get me in touch with Ms. A. Nope, but interestingly I met someone who is a bit like Ms. A. Although Ms. A and I aren't on the same social standing in life, the other lovely miss whom I shall call Ms. B is. Ms. A and I are friends, a bit close and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to begin a relationship between me and her. Nope, Ms. A has a boyfriend right now... maybe I should forget about Ms. A and focus my efforts on Ms. B...

Oh yeah wait. Ms. B has a boyfriend too. But, I think I have some chances with Ms. B. I need to sort my head with my heart more. And study some more divination. I need to train more also, but the school requirements are first priority. Evocation stuff is snuck somewhere safe.