Monday, September 26, 2011

I am under fire...

I got cursed. Someone is throwing something at me and using it to HIS advantage. It's awful I know that sometimes people unintentionally can cast spells on other people even if they don't practice magic in the first place.

Time to ask for help from God. Gots me some plenty of praying to do

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I am entitled to magic

Well it's been weeks since my last blog post, I am really busy with a project at school and a possible graduation. Heavens forbid I do not graduate as it will make things complicated.

But in the mean time all the magic that I can ever do is perhaps post sigils on this blog. I know, I will be spamming my blog with all the sigils I ever need. As this is the only form of magic that works when others seem to require a lot of stuff and training, all one needs is a piece of paper and a pen... but in this case, you have all that you need with a computer and the Internet.

I have much to discuss about myself in the future. Views on life, the direction I will be taking and why I am doing magic... I want to effect change in the world. And myself of course. You can help by reaching a state of gnosis and viewing the following sigil for me :) and many more sigils I will be producing. lol

Also I still don't get it how other chaos mages can reuse their sigils, seems nifty and supports my laziness rather than creating an SOI over and over again... AND! also as far as I know, posting sigils in the internet makes them magically charged each time someone views them but how come none of my sigils seem to produce the expected result. Since they have become talismans of some sort on a blog don't they get refreshed???