Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Conjuring my Genius

Just had a chit chat with my genius daimon via pendulum, I asked a lot of stuff and forgot some of it. I'm slacking off the rite. I might need to use a scrying mirror after all and practice the Gate of Heka. I feel impatient using the pendulum(read: rosary) to receive answers.

Important questions asked:
* Is the Supernatural Assistant different from the HGA? - Yes(Genius)
 - lool not sure if I fooled myself, since my arm was shakey.
* Will you help me in all my (ad)ventures? - Yes(Genius)
 - Whew this I like.
* Will you provide me the name of my Supernatural Assistant - Yes(Genius)
- The pendulum was swinging in circles though but it sort of swung Yes to me.

Gotta think positive!

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