Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Conjuring my Genius

Just had a chit chat with my genius daimon via pendulum, I asked a lot of stuff and forgot some of it. I'm slacking off the rite. I might need to use a scrying mirror after all and practice the Gate of Heka. I feel impatient using the pendulum(read: rosary) to receive answers.

Important questions asked:
* Is the Supernatural Assistant different from the HGA? - Yes(Genius)
 - lool not sure if I fooled myself, since my arm was shakey.
* Will you help me in all my (ad)ventures? - Yes(Genius)
 - Whew this I like.
* Will you provide me the name of my Supernatural Assistant - Yes(Genius)
- The pendulum was swinging in circles though but it sort of swung Yes to me.

Gotta think positive!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

5th and 6th Conjuration of the Natal Daimon

5th - At noon, I performed the rite so-so... my brother was around and taunting me while I performed the rite.

6th - Done just now, rushed through it but meditated beforehand during bath-time. Visualized Hexagram in the heart and third eye simultaneously.  In the contemplation phase of the rite, I felt spaced out and I felt my third being conferred with some sort of force. I felt being zoomed in. I had to break away from the trance, my sister is looking at me suspiciously. It was windy when giving the charge to the daimon.

Did not use pendulum on both evocations.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fourth Conjuration of Natal Daimon and Venusian Sigil

Okay I was suppose to do the fourth one tomorrow, but no, I just had to a few minutes ago. I used a rosary as a pendulum for divination, meh seems to not work as expected. I should make one pretty soon, the beads are too heavy to allow it to swing properly.

I think I half-assed the rite this time, still rushing through it because I did it in plain sight. After conjuring, I launch the Venus sigil I made last Friday. It immediately had a result after I launched on Friday night on Venus hour. I won't be discussing what happened but I felt that I should have had a better result. Until I am satisfied I'll keep on charging this baby.

Third Natal Daimon Conjuration.

Done just now! I went at it quickly, I've performed the rite three times, starting with yesterday, and some people are around so I did it discreetly.

Noticeable effects: during the conjuration part, right about the first time I repeated the conjuration, I feel elated. And it sort of increased after a second and third time. On 40 times repeating my Natal Daimon's name, an even a nicer feeling of elation, what the heck am I stoned? lol I used a different name from my daimon... still basically the same thing though.

I didn't use a pendulum to confirm a presence, my brother's behind me. = \
Time for an hour of the Sun, Day of the Sun tomorrow!

Haw haw haw haw

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Natal Daimon

Writing from yesterday at 5:30 something pm: 

Okay I've been discussing with someone on the net about the Genius Daimon and I've been wanting to get it, my SA and some other stuff. And to cut the long story short, the good man sent me a modified version of RO's Genius Daimon Names. We both did the rite quickly, regardless of astrological timing and both confirmed using divination that it worked pretty well than the standard rite from the ebook. It's cool that the modified version consisted of energy work and no tools, yay! This way I can do it anytime and anywhere providing I memorize it. Learned some new stuff while we were discussing too.

And as promised I will perform the rite daily and practice the daily regimen of: offerrings, meditation, divination (either pendulum or geomancy).

Update: I did the rite again on a Sun hour before sleeping last night. Annd I actually took note of the planetary hour from the first performance, it was Sun hour. Coincidences yaay! Next I received a dream that I don't think (considering the fact I sleep late) was significant, it was something about a person owing me something, in a place that sort of resembled my grandma's neighborhood. I did notice a white theme to the dream, not too white like holy white but there's some white stuff I notice. It's not a wet dream. Meh it's not important I think.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This hour of Venus and Day of Venus

This hour of Venus and Day of Venus, I pray you hear my will. Amen.
*recites Orphic Hymn to Venus*

Orphic Hymn to Venus

HEAV'NLY, illustrious, laughter-loving queen, 
Sea-born, night-loving, of an awful mien; 
Crafty, from whom necessity first came, 
Producing, nightly, all-connecting dame: 
Tis thine the world with harmony to join, 
For all things spring from thee, O pow'r divine. 
The triple Fates are rul'd by thy decree, 
And all productions yield alike to thee: 
Whate'er the heav'ns, encircling all contain, 

Earth fruit-producing, and the stormy main, 
Thy sway confesses, and obeys thy nod, 
Awful attendant of the brumal God: 
Goddess of marriage, charming to the sight, 
Mother of Loves, whom banquetings delight; 
Source of persuasion, secret, fav'ring queen, 
Illustrious born, apparent and unseen: 
Spousal, lupercal, and to men inclin'd, 
Prolific, most-desir'd, life-giving., kind: 
Great sceptre-bearer of the Gods, 'tis thine, 
Mortals in necessary bands to join; 
And ev'ry tribe of savage monsters dire 
In magic chains to bind, thro' mad desire. 
Come, Cyprus-born, and to my pray'r incline, 
Whether exalted in the heav'ns you shine, 
Or pleas'd in Syria's temple to preside, 
Or o'er th' Egyptian plains thy car to guide, 
Fashion'd of gold; and near its sacred flood, 
Fertile and fam'd to fix thy blest abode; 
Or if rejoicing in the azure shores, 
Near where the sea with foaming billows roars, 
The circling choirs of mortals, thy delight, 
Or beauteous nymphs, with eyes cerulean bright, 
Pleas'd by the dusty banks renown'd of old, 
To drive thy rapid, two-yok'd car of gold; 
Or if in Cyprus with thy mother fair, 
Where married females praise thee ev'ry year, 
And beauteous virgins in the chorus join, 
Adonis pure to sing and thee divine; 
Come, all-attractive to my pray'r inclin'd, 
For thee, I call, with holy, reverent mind.