Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Burning frankincense, cinnamon and ginger

In the lavatory, I burned a tiny crack of frankincense for the first time and the smell was pretty sharp! While my grandmother was around, but my uncle, sister and mother weren't, she noticed the smell and said: "The air smells of someone recently dead." lol

I carefully put cinnamon next. Air smelled sweeter. "Is there someone dead, John?", granny spooked. And then ginger. All three scents seemed to combine, and I liked it. I felt high actually. It was sweet, high and gingery. Very solar I think.

So lesson learned: when burning incense during ritual, be sure to have Glade Air freshener nearby. There must be no traces of incense. Seal the door's edges before ritual to make sure. 10 grams of frankincense is so powerful. Ughh.

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