Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sigh. Getting Laid...

Well, I'm suppose to be happy. I get to work in a government agency. The pay is good, but, I'll lose my social life because work eats up all the time I have and there seems to be no distinction between private life and professional life. If someone calls me up it's because there's an emergency that only I can be counted on to do. Or so she tells me. I'm not sure if I'll be a permanent employee but I feel grateful for the opportunity.

But there's a much heavier sigh I'm letting out. I'm sad that I'm letting go of someone. She's smart, sweet, and sexy and to be honest I was looking forward to moving into a higher level. Nah, no can do for me - she thinks of me as a friend and I'm still a loner, a misfit and I need plenty of confidence upgrades for myself. These 3 months were great, it was nice to know you. Though honestly, before we part ways I wish I could have spent the night at a motel with you.

Well anyway, getting laid. I strongly feel that if ever I won't get laid, I won't forgive myself when I die. Sigh. Okay time to add a new priority for myself. Get laid before the year ends. I'm going for 10s. Time for Mystery, Style and Pook.


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