Friday, October 21, 2011

The Natal Daimon

Writing from yesterday at 5:30 something pm: 

Okay I've been discussing with someone on the net about the Genius Daimon and I've been wanting to get it, my SA and some other stuff. And to cut the long story short, the good man sent me a modified version of RO's Genius Daimon Names. We both did the rite quickly, regardless of astrological timing and both confirmed using divination that it worked pretty well than the standard rite from the ebook. It's cool that the modified version consisted of energy work and no tools, yay! This way I can do it anytime and anywhere providing I memorize it. Learned some new stuff while we were discussing too.

And as promised I will perform the rite daily and practice the daily regimen of: offerrings, meditation, divination (either pendulum or geomancy).

Update: I did the rite again on a Sun hour before sleeping last night. Annd I actually took note of the planetary hour from the first performance, it was Sun hour. Coincidences yaay! Next I received a dream that I don't think (considering the fact I sleep late) was significant, it was something about a person owing me something, in a place that sort of resembled my grandma's neighborhood. I did notice a white theme to the dream, not too white like holy white but there's some white stuff I notice. It's not a wet dream. Meh it's not important I think.

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