Sunday, June 19, 2011

Losing weight.

I just lost three kilos by jogging and lifting 6 lbs. Beer belly gets in the way during meditation. 10 more kilos to strip off. Hopefully I can do the Inner Smile Meditation without lower back discomfort by next week. I banish thee fat and white rice!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trial conjuration of Natal Daimon.

Out on a whim, I decided to perform an evocation of my natal daimon without a scrying mirror, a fire wand and an incense burner last night. No presence though. Still I felt nice about doing it, and unlike other beginners in the occult I'm not the type to expect a visible manifestation instantly. I liked what I did though; I enjoyed doing the ritual. It felt holy, and well pretty cute imo.

In place of a fire wand, I inscribed the symbols from the wand used in Trithemius's Art of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals in a candle. In place of an incense burner I thought of using a candle to burn frankincense, but bad idea, it melts the frankincense and burns the candle quick, and no smoke of incense too. With a scrying medium, I just decided to skip it.

Next few tries, I'll complete all the tools necessary. I should consider borrowing a soldering gun for wood burning. I need to find wood discs. *Off to scour the city... and the neighbor's backyard.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The weapons, table and other talismans.

I'm now collecting materials for my natal daimon's conjuration. Good thing there's plenty of stuff here I can pick up. Busy time ahoy!

Burning frankincense, cinnamon and ginger

In the lavatory, I burned a tiny crack of frankincense for the first time and the smell was pretty sharp! While my grandmother was around, but my uncle, sister and mother weren't, she noticed the smell and said: "The air smells of someone recently dead." lol

I carefully put cinnamon next. Air smelled sweeter. "Is there someone dead, John?", granny spooked. And then ginger. All three scents seemed to combine, and I liked it. I felt high actually. It was sweet, high and gingery. Very solar I think.

So lesson learned: when burning incense during ritual, be sure to have Glade Air freshener nearby. There must be no traces of incense. Seal the door's edges before ritual to make sure. 10 grams of frankincense is so powerful. Ughh.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finally moved into a new home.

The fight starts now, I need to survey the area to perform rituals. Smoke test, stain test, execution, prevent myself from getting caught ... test.

I will succeed!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Philippine Independence Day

It's Philippine Independence Day but, I don't feel special about it. It's a hot Sunday and the temperature is not getting cooler. And, it's very noisy.

So I browsed some channels on tv and I see crowds partying because of what today represents. I really think people are mislead about the Independence Day celebration, since I don't remember when  the Philippines has ever been free from its problems? I know Independence day is celebrated because some disgruntled slaves decided on a revolution against their Spanish owners, but they didn't win their freedom. The entire Philippine archipelago was sold to the Americans in a transaction during some war Spain couldn't win against. So I don't think there is an Independence Day in the first place.

If today were a real Independence Day, I believe people would be celebrating about the culture and genius of our ancestors. Society during Pre-colonial times was an animist society. There were chieftains, workers, and  slaves who believed in the spirit world. I believe our animist centered society would mature and still retain belief in spirits. And it would be a better society than today. We were meant to be agriculture-based not industrial. And if I were to give it a name for my country I'd call it Maharlika, the illustrious class of the wealthy and powerful.

If I truly felt there is an Independence Day I wouldn't be writing in English. I wouldn't write Filipino because I know it's Tagalog and I'm Bisaya. I don't think Tagalog is rich with meaning, syntax and semantics. Usually when ones composes a sentence in Tagalog, one can't avoid using a word that is not Tagalog. It throws the whole thought off and it's actually hard to transliterate in English. Meaning and humor gets lost. It sucks. Same thing with Bisaya. So I dare not think of jumbling different words from different languages into one Tagalog sentence, or a Bisayan one. It's bizarre and smarts in the ears.

I can only dream of a real Independence Day that isn't really Filipino. Maharlika. Yeah I know it's a Tagalog word but as far as I recall the Tagalogs were descendants from early Bisayans who moved north to Luzon. But for a nationalistic reason, Maharlika represents everybody.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pop! goes a sigil.

I charge thee creature of desire, fulfill thy promise unto me. I send thee into the depths of the unconscious minds of men and women. Amen, amen.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram

So, I've been using the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram nonstop. I prefer it over the LBRP. I feel different using the LIRP than the LBRP. With the LBRP it seems to protect me from hostile, obsessive projections/forces for three hours at best but, the LIRP makes me tougher, it seems or so I think. I can go on a day noticing that some of the siblings aren't too angsty. The LBRP banishes some of the gunk but they keep venting huge amounts of angst. It's too much for me!

So usually when someone's mad or just really feeling afoul, I'd have to imagine a banishing. However I use the LIRP instead.

Both give me weird dreams though, and I hesitate to write all of them. But I think I can share one: I recall telling a female friend that I dreamt about her cousin going to Manila. Coincidentally, she told me they were both going to Manila around sometime in June for work-related reasons. I hope she doesn't move too far away from me nor find someone there.

As I am not yet certain how elemental energies feel, I shall patiently perform the LRP till I do feel what these are. And I must manipulate them too. I think I should read up on Bardon and Rawn Clark.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I will take back my love

And to grace this blog I would like to introduce to you, Hokuto no Ken. You wa Shock!!

I am John.

Hi, my name is John. I'm learning magic. I don't care what style of magic so long as it's magic. I would like to learn card tricks, bending spoons, bending my neck, reality bending tricks. Just anything that can change things -minds, places, habits, situations. Just name it.

I'm usually a sloth but I work hard. Oh yes, I do work very hard for my goals.

Something random: ~Life can be an enjoyable hell or a boring heaven.