Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trial conjuration of Natal Daimon.

Out on a whim, I decided to perform an evocation of my natal daimon without a scrying mirror, a fire wand and an incense burner last night. No presence though. Still I felt nice about doing it, and unlike other beginners in the occult I'm not the type to expect a visible manifestation instantly. I liked what I did though; I enjoyed doing the ritual. It felt holy, and well pretty cute imo.

In place of a fire wand, I inscribed the symbols from the wand used in Trithemius's Art of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals in a candle. In place of an incense burner I thought of using a candle to burn frankincense, but bad idea, it melts the frankincense and burns the candle quick, and no smoke of incense too. With a scrying medium, I just decided to skip it.

Next few tries, I'll complete all the tools necessary. I should consider borrowing a soldering gun for wood burning. I need to find wood discs. *Off to scour the city... and the neighbor's backyard.