Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram

So, I've been using the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram nonstop. I prefer it over the LBRP. I feel different using the LIRP than the LBRP. With the LBRP it seems to protect me from hostile, obsessive projections/forces for three hours at best but, the LIRP makes me tougher, it seems or so I think. I can go on a day noticing that some of the siblings aren't too angsty. The LBRP banishes some of the gunk but they keep venting huge amounts of angst. It's too much for me!

So usually when someone's mad or just really feeling afoul, I'd have to imagine a banishing. However I use the LIRP instead.

Both give me weird dreams though, and I hesitate to write all of them. But I think I can share one: I recall telling a female friend that I dreamt about her cousin going to Manila. Coincidentally, she told me they were both going to Manila around sometime in June for work-related reasons. I hope she doesn't move too far away from me nor find someone there.

As I am not yet certain how elemental energies feel, I shall patiently perform the LRP till I do feel what these are. And I must manipulate them too. I think I should read up on Bardon and Rawn Clark.

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