Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A geomancy post

I did a quick geomancy reading for myself and the girl I like. I warned her about mingling with certain people but she just, doesn't, listen to me!!
Here's the basic shield reading:

and here's the square chart version:

Sigh I already gave her some hints that "they" can be potentially harmful for her... she just really... doesn't listen. /facepalm. Now I worry about our friendship, "are we still friends"? I dunno. I'm still very upset that she takes me for granted most of the time. I'm torn between being there for her, for our friendship, or avoiding her so that I can focus on my occult stuff because she takes me for granted and cares about herself more than me. Sigh... I feel horrible.


  1. What was the specific question? Are we still friends? Rubeus in the first is always a bad sign, but having Via makes the sentence, Puella, much nicer.

    The Cardines also show a pretty good progression, with a new beginning and a new joining at the end of this situation.

    Assuming that the question is "Are we still friends" this is a pretty positive chart, but I'll spare the details unless you want more info and can confirm the question.

  2. Yes it is, Are we still friends is the question. My interpretation is that I need to start(Cauda Draconis) to find some new happiness(Laetitia); basically make a way(Via).

    Then again, I'm ready on your take Unlikely. I'm curious about what you have to say. And, I'm not so confident about geomancy skills yet but this is my second reading and I find geomancy to be really reliable and nifty like you.

    Hmm Cardines where can I find info about that? I am using a copy of JMG's Earth Magic I snagged from 4shared.com

    Thanks for the free interpretation btw. :)

  3. Not a problem! I'm probably going to put up a link for payments soon on my blog but I love the practice. :)

    This may get a little long.

    First. Ruebus in the first has some traditional meanings. Normally the advice is to destroy the chart and try again two hours later. JMG in "The Art and Practice of Geomancy" suggests that this advice was given because the client generally won't like the answer it represents.
    What it means is that there's both hidden motives on your part in the situation and that you're not being entirely honest with yourself about what is really going on.

    RW is Caput Draconis. Geomancy is always interpreted in light of the question asked. This is both its power and its weakness. The situation you're bringing to the question shows that there is a new start happening in your relationship with this girl. LW is Laetitia, which is good for friendship and your general happiness, but you are right that Via does show that your relationship with this woman is changing. Fortunately, the Sentence (Judge + 1st house that shows the absolute end result) is Puella, a figure of Venus and of women. This is a good sign for the continuation of the friendship, or perhaps something more as we shall see.

    Now, how does it need to change to get that happiness? Well that's where it gets interesting. :)

    When you do a chart for yourself, you're the first house, Rubeus in this case. This is a friendship question, so your lady friend is the 11th house, Puella. Just like the reflection in the Judge/1st house/sentence, the combination of these figures is Via, more sign that the relationship needs change. Combining relevant figures this way is a way to dig out additional meaning and to confirm the overall answer in the Witnesses and Judge. Puella is an excellent sign for friendship, but Puella is always fickle as well. It represents female sexual energy, and you probably know by know how that can blow hot and cold.

    Fortuna Major flanks both your houses, perfecting the chart. There is definitely a strong friendship between you both that is long-lasting and stable. We also want to look at the combinations here. Rubeus (you) + Fortuna Major = Caput Draconis. I would say at this point that you want a new start to this relationship with her as your girlfriend, rather than just a friend. Puella (her) + Fortuna Major = Laetitia. She sees the current relationship as a happiness in her life. Laetitia is unstable in general but I attenuate this because of Fortuna Major, which is extremely stable.

    Definitely, the friendship is stable and the question is yes, but there is more to this chart!

    The 'strangers' you allude to would be represented by the 7th, which is Caput Draconis. These people are new in your life. Rubeus passes actively to the 8th, and the combination yields Fortuna Major. These people are not as bad as you think but you're going to have to get over whatever feelings you have for these individuals, such as jealousy. They in return both trine you and sextile your friend. Puella + Cauda Draconis = Fortuna Minor. That's not an immediate bad sign but it can swing either way on this You have the upper hand here if you change and acknowledge your feelings.

    I do not know if she considers these people friends or just acquaintances. If they are acquaintences then there is danger with them but it is weak, but they're bringing it. If they're friends, no problem.

    Now, since there's hidden motives on your part, and we're talking about a woman here, let's look at the 5th house of lovers!

  4. Populus is in the 5th. Stagnation and inertia. Puella (her) passes to the sixth, and that's a sign that she may want a lover relationship, but nothing is moving on this front at all. Why is that? Populus is also in your 10th house, your house of actions. Your inaction on this matter is preventing this. She may have even thrown signals that you missed completely. Additionally, if one of these new people is attempting to form a lover relationship, your inaction on this is providing the opportunity.

    Additionally, from the perspective of her lovers you also have a shot. Her 11th house has Caput Draconis, and it passes to make a trine with he r house of lovers. A little persuasion and wisdom will be necessary for her to join into the new start, but other signs are good enough that this is the direction.

    Additional signs are the Cardines. They're another way to get an overall progression of the situation over time, looking at the angular houses. Starting with the 1st, Rubeus, dishonesty and hidden motives and much anguish on your part. 10th house, Populus, a continuation of the situation. 7th house, Caput Draconis, a new beginning in the relationship, but of what sort? 4th house, Conjunctio. Joining together.

    Puer + Puella = Conjunctio, btw. :)

    One final thing. Laetitia has an image of a lighthouse. It doesn't hide things. If you have feelings for this woman beyond friendship you must expose them and ride out the changes that occur to get that happiness. The chart is on your side, but if you let it sit I'm pretty sure these other people are going to snatch her up.

    Summary: The friendship is strong, but analyze your feelings carefully about this girl. It is very likely you'd want to become her lover. She likes you too in this fashion, but others are trying to make a move and your lack of action is giving them the opportunity to act. A heavy-handed approach isn't needed, just express yourself honestly to her and see what happens. You are stronger than your enemies, and indeed they may be the catalyst that finally pushes you to take a chance before it's too late.

    (Yup, long! Didn't know there was a comment limit)

  5. They are acquaintances Unlikely, I am trying my best to convince her that the people she may meet in the future "may have selfish agenda". And I personally am convinced that they are selfish and they are very chaotic. Childish even.

    And yeah you hit the nail on the reading, thanks :) I'm studying your analysis to further my own practice. I did recognize the chart to be positive but I couldn't understand the details in order to decide what to act.

    Again thank you. Time for me to make the mutt and study the reading :)

  6. And oh, I'm trying to find a way to reach her. From the First Triplicity. I'm in anguish and there's a distance between me and her and some circumstances. Using the occult as means to breakdown those circumstances and to reach her, protect her, etc. That is basically why I started this blog, to detail some of my half-assed results from time to time.