Sunday, July 31, 2011

Geomancy rocks

Thanks to TheUnlikelyMage, I'm now in hot pursuit in my geomancy studies. :D It rocks, it's simple, you only need to know the 16 figures as an alphabet, the twelve houses in astrology too and other techniques -- translation, mutation, progression, the four cardines, etc. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

I also like the fact that the 16 figures represent 16 elemental spirits, so that means they are much easier to contact. Sublunary spirits. Very neat :)

Er, wait I haven't had decent sleep in awhile. I should go get my ZzzZzz's... Ciao~


  1. I hadn't thought about the individual figures as representing individual spirits. Now that's an interesting concept I should play with.

  2. It's simple, but deep! Context is very important. :)

    The Geomantic Campus yahoo group is a good place to get feedback on readings.

  3. @Poly, hmm I think I made a mistake. I was reading this -->
    and forgot the spirits listed are planetary. Then again, I was musing over the fact that each of the figures are composed of the elements. And so it is plausible that they are that.

    Well not sure at this point, but it's certainly part of my to-do list in the future. I still have ways to go.

    @Unlikely: yeah :) I'm squeamish to post a chart because of my noob skills till I get a fair grip of everything. I hope to master it along with Ziraja(From Nineveh Shadrach's Magic that Works). Er, well I have to find some material on Ziraja. Move along John, time to get your arse up!