Saturday, July 2, 2011

Results of a Relationship Sigil.

Nothing very interesting has happened lately. But I do think that the sigil I posted weeks ago has yield a result. My intention was to get me in touch with a certain Ms. A. It was a relationship sigil, and if one notices the green I wanted Venus to bless my desire. Maybe I should have added more stuff such as a kamea, seals of the intelligence and spirit and archangel of Venus. Next time.

The sigil didn't get me in touch with Ms. A. Nope, but interestingly I met someone who is a bit like Ms. A. Although Ms. A and I aren't on the same social standing in life, the other lovely miss whom I shall call Ms. B is. Ms. A and I are friends, a bit close and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to begin a relationship between me and her. Nope, Ms. A has a boyfriend right now... maybe I should forget about Ms. A and focus my efforts on Ms. B...

Oh yeah wait. Ms. B has a boyfriend too. But, I think I have some chances with Ms. B. I need to sort my head with my heart more. And study some more divination. I need to train more also, but the school requirements are first priority. Evocation stuff is snuck somewhere safe.

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