Sunday, April 22, 2012

Update to the list I made earlier this year

1.) Initiation into Hermetics - Been reading this on and off and er, I can't make room for this except meditation only. Instead of going through the whole process of IIH, I should use techniques that more or less tie into IIH's theory of magic but I shouldn't swear by it.

2.) Landing a Job - This is going very well. I need a few more kinks. Everything was very easy! Thanks to the spirits who accepted my offerings. Thank you!

3.) Meditation - <3 thanks to this I'm much more stable and not at the mercy of my emotions nor from other's emotions. I've also experienced something weird, I felt my consciousness expand beyond my body, everything was pure light. Nice! I couldn't repeat the experience though.

4.) Offerings - A staple to my practice :D I haven't developed myself to the point that I can commune, speak and see spirits but to my knowledge I think I have made plenty of good friends :D

5.) Theories - I dropped theorizing and pretending to be able to compare and contrast systems. I'll use whatever works.

6.) A partner in magic - dropped. The person copped out. He was pretty wimpy and very shitty. Good riddance anyway.

7.) Reading - Tibetan Buddhism mostly. Google is a friend.

8.) Geomancy - Rarely doing divinations with geomancy. I rarely do divinations these days. I trust the universe with whatever it sends me.

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